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GLORIA CHRISTI REGIS, Home for Street and Needy Children of Tagum in the province of Davao was founded in 1986 as a result of events that took place in 1985. In that year a fire destroyed a group of hardware stores beside the town’s Catholic Church. After the fire was contained, the presence of many street boys caught the attention of the parish priest. These young boys, ages six to fourteen, were climbing over the walls to salvage the remains of the fire. Carrying empty sacks, they kept on coming back, undeterred by the security guards who sometimes chased them away. Through the effort of Msgr. Mario Valle and Sister Gloria San Diego, the boys were gathered and interviewed. It was learned that they are all transients and are sleeping in bus terminals, sidewalks and on benches outside the church. Coming from broken families, these runaway children are surviving by stealing and scavenging.

Since its founding, the Center has aggressively pursued its mission to help abandoned children, and with the help of international organizations, including the Filipino Children’s Foundation, it has provided shelter, food and education to many of them. Since 1999 we have given over Ten Thousand Dollars to Gloria Christi Regis.
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