Passionate advocacy since 1993

The Filipino Children’s Foundation was born out of a growing concern about the state of poverty in the Philippines and the tragic effect on its children. It was incorporated in 1993 as a nonprofit California corporation and is recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 

Since then we have become a strong voice for those who are hungry, homeless and abused, advocating to advance their cause and work for their welfare and survival. Our effort has already made a difference to hundreds of children who populate the slums of Manila and the poorest barrios in the provinces. 

The financial assistance we provide is directed toward several charities who perform the admirable deed of working directly with these children, giving them shelter, food, clothing and counseling.

Among them are Bahay Tuluyan (refuge- house), Servants of Jesus of Charity, Gloria Christi Regis, Bantay Bata (youth- sentinel), Ina ng Lupang Pangako, (mother of the promised land), Kaiba Ka (persons with disabilities), and the Laura Vicuna Foundation.

In a country where four out of ten people live on less than seventy-six cents a day, poverty has become a way of life for many , and children bear a greater share of this burden . As one local newspaper reported, “childrenare dying in shanty towns. If they are not actually in caskets, they are terminal cases, wobbling naked and filthy in the alleyways, certain prey to crime and disease.”

The challenge that lies ahead is monumental, but it never disheartens us; it just inspires us to do more. Every infant saved from hunger, every child given shelter, every adolescent protected from abuse, is a measure of love we create through the kindness of giving. 

Rey Tuazon

Rey Tuazon